7 Elements of Human Security

The 7 Elements of Human Security are defined by the United Nations as: Economic, Environmental, Food, Health, Political, Personal and Community. We design specific projects and initiatives with our partners that holistically address these areas of Human Security.

Our goal is to immerse students in hands on educational opportunities and empower our partner communities to continue interventions that improve daily life in the Dominican Republic.

We address the following Human Security Issues with our Projects:
Bee Boxes | Economic, Environment
Bottle Houses | Environment, Personal, Health, Economic
Bottle Bathrooms | Environment, Health
Cement Floors | Health
Clean-burning Stoves | Health
Community Greenhouses | Environment, Food, Health, Economic
Community Sports Facilities | Community, Health
Community Water Tank | Health
Reforestation of Native Habitat | Environment
Medical Brigades | Health, Community


7 Elements Tree