Ethical Service Learning Opportunities for Students!

7 Elements is a Service Learning Organization that currently operates in 4 countries: the Dominican Republic, Belize, Peru and Haiti. We provide experiential learning through hands on sustainable development projects and curriculum designed for each program that focus on international development, service learning, and human security issues around the world.

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Embark on an Immersive Learning Experience

Participate in sustainable, hands-on projects with our staff and partners. Engage in meaningful curriculum focused on different ares of Global Health, Environment, Economy, Social Justice, Human Rights and so much more

Collaborate with our International Partners

Be part of our community partnerships in the Dominican Republic, Belize, Peru & Haiti. Meet local leaders and participate in our Community Engagement process.

Use Your Experiences to Cultivate Change

Take home a better understanding of our world and the interconnections that affect individuals, populations and societies, Make positive change in your own backyard. 

7e Locations

7 Elements actively serves dozens of communities in the Dominican Republic, Peru, Belize and Haiti. Each country provides diverse learning opportunities for well rounded knowledge of global human security issues.


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