Empowering Young Leaders and Visionaries to become civically involved and globally engaged in social and environmental issues through immersive educational programs located in the Dominican Republic.

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About Us

7Elements started its roots in the Dominican Republic over a decade ago on the North Coast in a rural fishing village called Las Canas. Our volunteer programs include community-led, sustainable projects and educational curriculum focusing on Human Security, Global Health, and Sustainability.

“We do not believe this job is something that can be accomplished alone and we actively seek partners to help us achieve a stronger and more sustainable world” 

   ~ David Addison,                                   
      Founder of 7-Elements

Service Learning

Medical Brigade

Global Health

7e's global health programs focus on community-centric experiences for pre-health students. With an interdisciplinary approach covering general medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health, healthcare management, and nutrition, our programs bring invaluable opportunities to work directly with community members in various settings, from small towns to remote villages. Students actively engage in field clinics, assessing patient needs and treating acute conditions under careful supervision. Regardless of background, our holistic approach makes 7e's global health programs ideal for students interested in or currently studying any health profession at any education level.

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The focus of 7e's environmental service learning program is to raise awareness of planetary health issues as they relate to climate change, water quality, pollution levels, etc., using a global and local context. Service learning projects work towards improving environmental problematic areas in the Dominican Republic through our S/L programs. Working on these projects provides students with an opportunity to directly experience many of the topics discussed in their learning activities, as well as a chance to observe how communities can work together to solve environmental issues.

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Spanish Language

An increasing number of Spanish language students and teachers are turning to service-learning to enhance student learning with respect to oral comprehension, conversation and cultural understanding. When combined with a well planned academic platform, working with Spanish speaking community members during the day while completing service projects offers students an opportunity to expand vocabularies and face the challenges of completing tasks with native Spanish speakers. 7e's programs are well designed to facilitate language learning at any level.

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Create Your Own Program!

Shape your own learning adventure with 7e's 'Build Your Own' program. Whether it's global health, environmental issues, or Spanish language that excites you, customize your itinerary to match your interests. Dive into hands-on service learning projects, contribute to health initiatives, address environmental challenges, or enhance your Spanish skills. With 7e, the power is yours to create a personalized, enriching experience that aligns with your passions and aspirations

Why Choose Us


At 7elements, ethics guide our every step, starting years before students embark on their community experiences. Our commitment to a 'do no harm' approach ensures responsible and respectful engagement. From meticulous planning to community collaboration, we prioritize ethical practices, guaranteeing a positive impact on both students and the communities they engage with. Join 7elements for an ethical journey where integrity shapes every aspect of the experience.

Service-Learning Program

Elevate your education with 7elements more than just an adventure, it's a service-learning program. Immerse yourself in hands-on experiences that blend academic insights with real-world impact. 7elements empowers students to make a difference while gaining valuable skills, creating a unique learning journey that extends beyond the classroom.


Tailored for students, 7elements is your gateway to student-centric experiences. Designed with you in mind, our offerings prioritize affordability and engagement, ensuring every student can embrace adventure without compromise. Experience a student-oriented journey with 7elements, where your aspirations and budget align seamlessly.


Embark on an enriching journey tailored for students with 7elements. Our commitment to affordability ensures that you can explore, learn, and create lasting memories without stretching your budget. Designed with students in mind, 7elements offers quality experiences at a cost that aligns with your financial goals. Join us for an adventure that values both your education and your wallet.

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