Meet our 7 Elements Team!

David Addison

Founder & Executive Director

Dave Addison holds a PhD in Global Sustainability and started 7e over a decade ago while living and studying Human Security in the Dominican Republic. He loves sharing his knowledge with students and inspiring them to build a healthy, habitable planet and socially conscious ways of life for future generations.

Dania Gomez

Indalo Lodge Manager

Dania was born in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and has 10 years of experience working as a Personal Banking Officer for an internationally recognized financial institution. She became the Local Business Manager in 2016 for 7 Elements and manages nearly everything on the ground. Her strong will, powerful spirit and ability to get things done make her a cornerstone of 7e’s DR programs.

Alejandro (Tito) Pilarte

Project Manager & Local Director

Alejandro Pilarte was born in the Dominican Republic and studied Business Management at Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra in Santiago. He has worked in the tourism and service industry for years as well as event management and began working with student groups in Punta Cana in 2014. Coordinating evens, excursions and community service with students and youth has led him to other countries as well such as Mexico and Cuba! He has joined the 7e team as our Project Manager and Coordinator in the Dominican Republic in addition to working directly with 7e Service Learning Programs.

Katherine Alperin

Lead Educational Facilitator and Staff Support, Dominican Republic

A former 7e Program Participant in Belize and Peru and a former 2018 Summer intern, Katherine returned this year as a lead facilitator for our educational curriculum as well as an instrumental role in supporting staff logistics and quality of programming. She has been exposing herself to the world of service learning for years. With a passion for culture, travel and youth development, she strives to use her passions to make a difference and impact the lives of young leaders.

Summer 2019 Staff!

Meet our Local Team & Indalo Lodge Staff!

Meet our Lodge Maintenance Crew!

Henry, Gregorio & Rolandy are our head maintenance crew at the Indalo Lodge in the Dominican Republic. These 3 keep the 7e Lodge running perfectly and safe for our students, participants and staff. They have always been dedicated to the success of our 7e programs and prioritize the safety and security of our participants. Plus, they keep the Lodge beautiful, green and a perfect place to experience the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.

7e’s Local Directors!

Junior Moises

Local Director & Translator

Junior started as a translator for 7e a few years ago and was a former student in Walner’s language school. With years of practice and training, Junior has become one of our best translators and is helping lead, manage and direct programs as a Local Director. 


Local Director & Translator

Loubens is Haitian born, fluent in Spanish, Creole and English. He began as a translator for 7 Elements and has become a lead Local Director. He is experienced in running our medical brigades and has worked extensively with our Caribbean Service Adventure Program. 


Local Director & Translator

Irene is Dominican born and has spent much of her life traveling between Canada and the Caribbean. She is passionate about youth empowerment and utilizing her trilingual abilities with non profits and other Organizations. We are excited to her utilize her knowledge and experience in our programs!

Cooking Professionals

7e's Wonderful Cooking Staff!

The 7e cooking staff have been with the Organization since its birth nearly a decade ago. Each of them participate in regular training classes and courses specializing in American Food Safety standards. These women are always coming up with new recipes and meals to give our students the the best experience possible and adhere to dietary restrictions and allergies. 

Meet our Team in Belize and Peru!

Ruth Noemi Francisco Quinchuya

Local Director; Peru Programs

Ruth grew up learning about agriculture, environmental preservation and the interconnection with her culture and customs. She studied at the National Intercultural University of the Amazon in agricultural engineering and now helps manage our programs on the ground in Peru; weaving the importance of environmental and cultural preservation in all program curriculum. 

Cindy Cal

Local Director & Belize Lodge Manager

Cindy is a Belizian Born Mayan who is a proud mother and as owner-operator of the Maya Green Forest Adventure Lodge, which 7e utilizes. She is Belize’s youngest registered Mayan female business owner. Cindy coordinates and manages 7e’s interactions with the Mayan communities in Belize and believes passionately in doing things “The Mayan Way”

7e’s Promise

Our team strives to deliver unforgettable experiences and eye opening educational opportunities for students. 

At 7 Elements, our focus is on the educational experiences our programs provide. We want each and every participant to take something home that curates an attitude and desire to be globally and civically engaged. 

The combination of hands on and immersive opportunities combined with cultural awareness and fundamental education pieces produce robust programs and life long lessons. 

We challenge you to walk alongside our team and become globally engaged and socially aware to make the changes we want to see in our interconnected world. 

Rustic Lodging Experiences

Experience rustic and cultural accommodation on your program


Cultural Immersion

Interact with community members and learn about the history of your program country that influences what you see today

Sustainable Projects

Contribute to our community led, sustainability focused projects that address prevalent Human Security issues

Breathtaking Excursions

Whether you are hiking Machu Picchu or snorkeling on the North Coast of the Dominican, you will be blown away by the beauty of our program locations

Friends for Life

Meet fellow program participants and locals that may become life long friends and companions

Community Impact

Know that your participation is about something bigger and you have the potential to make amazing change abroad and where you’re from

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