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Eco Health in Belize

Work with the Mayans and explore customs related to Eco-Health and traditional approaches to health and medicine. Meet the diverse cultures of Belize while exploring the beautifully bio diverse country. Snorkel in the world’s largest living reef and tube down the Lazy River the world’s largest jaguar reserve. Did you know that human interaction with the environment affects human health?

Finding Local Solutions in Peru

Learn about Human Security risks while working alongside the native Yanesha people. Participate in the expansion of local horticulture projects. Learn about Coffee testing and try some delicious Peruvian coffee while exploring the city of Lima. Visit the waterfalls in the Amazon basin and reside in a remote research station of Paujil National Park. Hike Machu Picchu with your fellow program participants to top it off! Come an in independent traveler or with friends!

Human Security in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is the second largest country in the Caribbean. The official language is Spanish. For generations, the main source of income in the Dominican Republic came from agricultural outputs such as coffee, sugar and tobacco but has slowly shifted to tourism. Though the economy has been growing since 1996, economic inequality remains a major problem.