Follow our 7e adventures with Sacramento’s Unified District Chapter in Peru! See their travels and activities as they learn about Human Security and Peru with our 7e Team! 

Sacramento Unified District Chapter in Peru! 

June 28-26, 2019! 

TODAY WAS OUR FIRST OFFICAL DAY!!! sooooo exciting! we woke up this morning from our overnight 10 hr bus ride, which then led us to take an hour van ride to Villa Rica, where we are staying in a hostel. Once we got our rooms situated, we joined in the downstairs room and ate breakfast together, which consisted of watermelon, scrambled eggs, and muca (a type of potato). Our group then proceeded to walk around the entire town of Villa Rica, with the help of our guide Ben. We were able to visit some of the local markets, where we were able to try some handmade juices and some domestic fruits. The town is celebrating its anniversary, so the people in the markets were very willing to talk to us about some of their traditional foods and items they were selling. We then met our native guide, Ruth, and her family, her husband Ricardo and their new 3 month old baby. The entire group headed to eat lunch at a local restaurant. La Paíla Cafe, which was definitely our most favorite meal so far on the trip. After lunch, we drove to the lake, known as Ocunal. We were very fortunate to take some small boats out onto the lake with a native guide, who told us about all of the plant and animal life of such living on top of the water. When we docked the boats, we sat on the small dock and tried something completely new for most of the crew. Taking off our shoes and socks, we sat down and let the small Guppy fish eat the dead skin off of our feet. Crazy, but super cool and everyone participated. We then left the lake, and headed to a coffee farm. We received a tour from a man who has been involved in the process since he was a child, and he gave us a very thorough explanation about the entire process of making the coffee. We are going back next monday, to purchase more bags to take home, and to do a guided coffee tasting session. After the farms, we headed back to the hostel where we had an hour of resting time, which followed by an hour and a half interactive learning session with Ben and Ruth about the native community we will be visiting tomorrow. After this session, we ate dinner prepared for us at the hostel, and then headed off to bed, as we have not yet had one solid night of sleep. DAY ONE COMPLETE

Thursday & Friday we spent in the Yanisha Community, Union De Selva. It was the best experience and a great gateway to the experience of 7 elements. On Thursday, we spent half the day learning about their culture & community. We ate an amazing meal. It made us truly love eating here because everything taste so fresh and rich. We spent a lot of time with the kids also. The little girls were amazing and interested in our group. I felt loved and appreciated by them. I could notice they felt good that someone was interested in their small community. They were also interested in our culture, it felt good that we were able to teach them hello and they were joyous about it. The kids also made us feel appreciated for helping their community. It made us realize that we take for granted the construction workers in the U.S. because it’s just their “ job “ but in reality we wouldn’t have a lot of buildings we need without them. The second half of the day we worked on the health center. We learned how to make cement. We also had so much fuel and joy to work it was so easy. On Friday, we worked all day on the health center. It was harder to work yesterday without seeing the kids. They gave us so much life and understanding. At the end of the work day, we seen kids playing soccer. A few of us joined in the game. This gave us a great feeling and sadness to leave but even more excited to come back Sunday and in the future.