Water Tank Initiatives

The water tank is a project that has the ability to provide running water to over 250 community members. The tank is constructed out of roughly 500 cinder blocks and 150 bags of cement. The tank holds roughly 12,000 gallons of water and is connected to a well that is dug underneath the sight of the tank. Once the tank is completed, plastic PVC piping is laid underground and eventually is connected to faucets that exist inside various houses in the community. The water tank, while it is an extremely laborious project, is a project that has the ability to impact an extremely large portion of the community and is highly sustainable. Once the tank is built and the well is dug, the project should not need any further maintenance other than the community doing regular check-ups. The tank contains water that is clean to drink, cook, and bathe with and solves both the problem of access to water and quality of that water as well as provides a great deal of health and economic security to the community members who benefit from it.