Health & Medical Brigades

In January 2015, 7e hosted the first medical brigade.  The group of university students and medical professional, joined local doctors, community health agents and 7e staff to bring mobile clinics to 5 communities serving over 685 patients. Using an electronic medical record system patient flow goes through 5 stations: registration, medical history, vitals, lab, medical consults, pharmacy and post-consults. From there and until 2017 the brigades visit the select communities every 3 months.

In August 2017, the model of the brigades was forced to change offering only basic treatment for acute conditions, using paper for the medical records and each GHI group visiting communities for medical brigades only one or two times per program; opening the opportunity to more groups to live the learning experience of the medical brigades. Patient flow goes through 7 stations: Registration, medical history, vitals, waiting room, medical consultation, pharmacy and data transcription.