Cultural and Environmental Conservation in the Amazon

2020 Peru Program Details
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About This Program 

Country: Peru  Arrival City: Lima Departure City: Lima

Cost: $2,120.00

Program Dates: August 1-10, 2019


Learn about Human Security risks while working alongside the native Yanesha people. Participate in the expansion of local horticulture projects. Learn about Coffee testing and try some delicious Peruvian coffee while exploring the city of Lima. Visit the waterfalls in the Amazon basin and reside in a remote research station of Paujil National Park. Hike Machu Picchu with your fellow program participants to top it off! Come an in independent traveler or with friends! 

2020 Project

From April to August of 2020, 7 Elements will be partnering with the local leaders of a small Yanesha community called Union de la Selva to construct Community Kitchen. Student will work alongside Yanesha natives in the construction of the Community Kitchen. The Yanesha people often host members from other Yanesha communities during congresses and for other cultural purposes and gatherings. The project was proposed by the community leadership with the support of all leaders. The community kitchen will be partially constructed with bottles, similar to the method used in the Dominican Republic on 7e’s Bottlehouses and Bathrooms. The space will include a closed kitchen, wood fire, long table and benches. 



Local Leader and Yanesha Representative

Ruth-Born in a small community, Ruth grew up learning about agriculture and conserving the natural environment. She was also taught the importance of preserving her culture and customs. Passionate about her education, she went on to study at National Intercultural University of the Amazon in agricultural engineering. She has since studied with different national and private institutions. A couple of years ago, Ruth began to collaborate with 7 Elements on our service learning programs in Peru where she assists with planning and implementation with our Country Manager.

The Lodge 

Lodging in Peru set in Finca Santa Rosa, a small international award winning coffee farm 10 minutes outside of Villa Rica – A town famous for the best coffee production in Peru.  With hot and cold water students are encouraged to explore, learn about coffee production and meet the farm animals.

Program Itinerary 2020

Day 1: Students will arrive in Lima and spend the day exploring the city; first to Barranco where they will have a chance to walk around the plaza and see “puente de suspiros”. We will take a quick trip down to the ocean under puente de suspiros and stop for lunch at Calle Grau. Students will have some leisure time to visit the market in Barranco and walk along the malecon to Larcomar shopping mall. Students will have the opportunity to see Peruvian crafts and other small stores before heading to the bus station and traveling to Oxapampa overnight. 

Day 2: Students will travel by bus to Oxapampa and on to Huacachina where we explore the lagoon. Last stop in our day is to a nearby Coffee Farm. Here we will tour the farm, learn about production and the manufacturing process. This a great time to discuss Fair Trade and challenges to organic coffee production. We’ll top off the tour with some delicious coffee tasting and learn about quality control of coffee. 

We will again hop on public transport and continue our journey to our lodging in Villa Rica. 

Day 3: Today is our first service day in Union de la Selva. We will travel from our local hotel in Villa Rica to Ruth’s community, Union de la Selva, and begin our community kitchen project. We will first spend time understanding the community’s need for the project and why it was chosen by the local leaders. 

After service, we will travel back to our hotel in Villa Rica, have a delicious Peruvian style meal and end the night with our reflection and free time. 

Day 4:  Today is a continuation of yesterday’s service project. We will be able to see our progress and interact with the native Yanesha people. Learning about their customs, traditions, social activities and dance.

After service, we will travel back to our hotel in Villa Rica like yesterday to enjoy a wonderfully prepared meal together, relax and talk about our experiences so far on this adventure.  

Day 5:  Today is our second to last service day! We will have put in a lot of hard work by this time and will start seeing what the kitchen will look like. We hope by this time you have learned some words and phrases in the Yanesha language and are feeling at home in this beautiful country. 

We are half way through the program and surely people are feeling tired. But it is well worth it as you will continue to build upon new and wonderful experiences. We hope you are enjoying the awesome meals at the end of the day and getting a lot out of our nightly discussions about culture and Human Security dilemmas. 

Day 6: Today is a well deserved break. We will be going to the. Rio Tigre waterfall. Located about 30 minutes from our hotel, we will spend the day exploring, taking photos on the hanging bridge, enjoying nature, bathing in the waterfalls. This is always an awesome activity that feels needed after long days of service in Peru. After a day of enjoying these natural wonders and spending time with each other, we will return to our hotel for a meal and great nightly reflection in preparation for our last day of service in Union de la Selva!

Day 7:  Crazy enough, the program is coming to an end and today is the last day of service in Union de la Selva. Take some time to reflect on the amazing and unique experience working with the Yanesha people and why this is important. Hopefully your group has worked hard and you see all the progress on the Community Kitchen. Make today the best service day yet! Return to Villa Rica knowing you put in your best. Say goodbye or see you later to some of your new friends in Union de la Selva, and thank the Yanesha people for allowing you to venture into their community to learn about their traditions and customs. 

Day 8: We have finished our service days of the program in Union de la Selva, and now it is off to the next adventure. Today we will travel to Oxapampa and visit the market. There will be the opportunity to try local foods including ceviche and Pachamanca among other traditional local dishes. We will spend time eating together and exploring the market; including local produce, cuisine, traditional medicine, soaps, etc. Great for an immersive experience and trying local fruits.

After spending time in the market, we will hop on our overnight bus back to Lima for the last day of the program before your departure. 

Day 9: Today is your last full day! The program is coming to an end and we hope you have made memories that will stay with you for a long time. We will spend today appreciating and exploring the historic city of Lima. We will take a Minivan from Cruz del Sur to Hotel España and walk to the supermarket. We will take a tour of our hotel, which is about 400 years old and have breakfast on the roof. We will then tour of the central historical zone and Plaza de Armas, After lunch we will do some site-seeing through the “circuit de magico”. After an awesome and immersive day, we will return to our beautiful hotel and get ready to flight out the following day.  

Day 10: Students will make their way to the Lima airport and say their last goodbyes to each other and this beautiful Peruvian country. We hope that you have learned so much and travel with us again on another Service Learning Adventure!