Supporting A Sustainable, Local Business

In early 2016, 7 Elements began working with Jonny, a honey farmer in Caño Dulce, a community we’ve been working with for nearly a decade. We started a bee box-building project to help Jonny repopulate his bee farm, which had been impacted by herbicide use on neighboring cacao farms. 7 Elements volunteers have built over 100 bee boxes – sawing lumber to size, assembling and painting them, after which Jonny installs them on his farm to start new bee colonies.

This project not only supports Jonny’s business – bottling and selling honey – but it benefits the environment far beyond his farm, and assures that other community members, such as the cacao farmers, may continue to profit from a natural capital. Our hope is to continue this project by building 60 new bee boxes in 2019, and to extend the project with other bee farmers who want to expand their colonies.