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Thank you to a few of our longstanding partners! 

Why Partner With 7 Elements?

At 7 Elements, we commit to educating, engaging and empowering tomorrow’s leaders in solving global issues with us. We believe that this is achieved through lasting partnerships that are the result of your mission, goals and learning objectives aligning with ours

Our 7e programs have a different areas of focus with projects, excursions and cultural activities that are carefully chosen to reflect your goals. What is constant, however, is our focus on: 

  • Experiential Learning
  • Sustainable projects with local communities 
  • Curriculum specifically designed for each program
  • Learning objectives of partnering organization

If this aligns with your institution’s objectives and goals, we invite you to explore a partnership with us! Read on to learn more. 


The 7e Difference

Our community based service-learning programs focus on reciprocal relationships between staff, faculty, community partners and participants. We commit to maximizing human potential and building capacity through interdependent relationships, reliance, support and mutual benefit for all parties. We stand apart in the service learning industry and strive to deliver the following in every program we facilitate: 


  • Dual Development: Volunteers and locals both engage in cultural exchange
  • Maximizinig the Abilities of Participants: Your talents and interest matter
  • Community-Centered Model: A unique and empathetic approach for communities
  • Constructively Critical Lens: Constant reflection and improvement practices
  • Cutting Edge Curriculum: The latest in human security and development practices
  • Network of Changemakers: Connect with others who share your desire to do good
  • Pathways to Social Impact: Develop global-citizenship and long-term engagement

Follow the steps below to become a 7e Partner.

1. Contact Our Director of Groups

We want to learn more about your university or organization! Schedule a phone call with us to talk about how our programs can connect your institutional learning objectives to students experience with 7 Elements. We look forward to your email!

Director of Groups: Crystal Bernal

2. Choose Your Program Type and Focus
Our goal is for all of our Programs to be unique like all of our Partners that travel with us. We want your input and hope to make your international experience the best it can be in relation to your vision and goals. Below are some details to consider when creating a partnership with us.

  • What are your learning objectives? 
  • What types of cultural activities do you want to incorporate?
  • Will you students be fundraising? 
  • What type of project/project focus and how much service does your group want to do?
  • Is there specific curriculum you would like to deliver along with 7e’s?
3. Choose the Dates and Location of your Program

7 Elements operates year round in the locations below:

Choose your country and think about which part of the year is best for your group to schedule. We can be flexible and find dates that work the best for your group! 

4. Plan the Logistics of Your Program
We believe in a student-led program and 7 Elements will help student leaders throughout their planning travel logistics. We want your feedback in planning your activities, projects and curriculum. Here are some things to consider when planning your logistics.

  • Skype/Webinar meetings with 7 Elements to prepare students for the program
  • Orientation to service experience that includes both logistical, skill-based orientation as well as orientation to community needs.
  • Pre-departure material for students will be supplied by 7 Elements
  • Student/Faculty members will purchase own flights
  • In-country orientation
  • Community Ethics course
  • Reflection Activities
  • Specific Program Lectures & Discussion
  • Service Projects in communities
  • Cross-cultural exchange
  • Cultural activities
  • Adventure activities
5. Sign a Program Agreement and Submit Trip Deposit

Once the initial program details have been determined, 7 Elements will submit a Program Agreement requiring your signature. This agreement will include basic program details, release of liability and billing.

Contact the Director of Groups at to start a Partnership with 7e!

Interested in Traveling with 7 Elements?