Empowering Local Communities to Participate Globally

About the Country

Haitian slaves mounted the world’s only successful slave rebellion, but, to this day, it’s most often referred to as the most economically impoverished country in the Western hemisphere. Most people live on less than $1 US per day, and unemployment varies from a rate of 75% to nearly 100%. For a variety of reasons, state-sponsored health and education services remain inadequate or inaccessible to most. The results of decades of population growth without adequate infrastructure brings a host of health-related concerns: unsafe housing, lack of educational infrastructure, food shortages, proliferation of waterborne diseases and more. Students on our programs will see the impact of environmental degradation across all of the seven elements of human security.

7 Elements Partnerships in Haiti

Our initiatives in Haiti focus on improving health outcomes by creating a healthy physical and social environment where local residents  can thrive. The local economic and environmental systems also benefit. By empowering community members to direct all initiatives and employing local skilled tradespeople to supervise work on our building projects, we seek to enable individuals, families, and communities to take greater control over their health, well being and environment. We are actively working with our local communities and leaders to make positive steps toward addressing these issues. Continue below to see read about some of our current partnerships in Haiti. 

7e’s Local Leaders & Partners in Haiti

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