Exploring Global Health Issues in Haiti

Understand the Political, Economic and Historical Context of the Global Health System in Hispaniola
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7e Initiatives in Haiti

7e programs in Haiti explore the global and systemic dynamics that affect and shape the Global Health structure of the Haitian side of Hispaniola

In 2015, 7e was invited to visit numerous communities in Cap Haitien and the surrounding area.  After extensive diagnostics over a 2 year period, it was determined that 7e could add value by providing a basic level of health care through our global health intervention programs, as well as develop professional opportunities through development of a vocational school.  Additionally, 7e was requested to address potable water issues in several of the communities.  

7e began construction of a vocational school in the community of Blue Hills outside of Cap Haitien and designed a water provision system as well.  Both projects are near completion.  Additionally, 7e has performed medical interventions in 4 rural communities outside of Cap Haitien.  
The programs have gone well in Haiti, in spite of ongoing political concerns.  Throughout 2017 and 2018 the 7e programs were completed without incident.  The programs were put on a temporary hold status in 2019 due to political unrest in Puerto Principe and the surrounding area.  

7e Program Location in Cap Haitien, Haiti

Students currently traveling to Haiti on a 7 Elements program live in our partner’s Lodge located near downtown Cap Haitien. The lodge is a large home owned by our community partner, Jacques Michel, where his family also resides. Jacques has worked with the 7e team on renovating his home to make it capable of housing 7e groups and up to 35 participants at a time. Along with this, Jacques and his family work to coordinate logistical operations for 7e such as food, local safety, and bus arrangements.

Community Partner and Liaison, Jacques Michel 


7e and Human Security

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Our Projects

7e’s projects in Haiti focus on Education and Infrastructure. Current projects include a community water tank in Blue Hills, which is located is close proximity to the vocational school and will serve a population of 181 houses and will hold a 600 gallon tank of water. Additional projects in include a vocational school, which began in 2018. The school will teach professional skills to members of the community and utilizes bottle building with an estimated 60,000 recycled bottles. The school has plans to teach skills such as engineering, plumbing, electricity, cell phone repair, computer repair, and computer literacy.

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Special Highlights

Take a look at some highlights of our programs in Haiti. These are what our participants consider as their favorite parts of the programs! 

Haitian Citadelle

The Citadelle is referred by locals as the Eighth Wonder of the World and in 1982 it was nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Vocational School

The Vocational School is a major initiative of 7e to catalyst education and development for residents of Blue Hills. 

Blue Hills Community

This community has thousands of residents and the population experiences extremely high rates of unemployment, and is where 7e has focused global health and infrastructural initiatives. 

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