Our Locations

7 Elements actively serves dozens of communities in the Dominican Republic, Peru, Belize and Haiti. Each country provides a diverse learning for well rounded knowledge of global human security issues.

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Dominican Republic

7 Elements works in Las Canas, a small fishing village on the north of coast of the Dominican Republic. This community relies on fishing and animal husbandry to provide income for their families.


Limonade is primarily a fishing village with a population of more than 50,000. With an unemployment rate of nearly 80%, most of the inhabitants live in extreme poverty.


The 7 Elements program in Peru is based in the lush Amazon Basin, separated by the Andes Mountains from the coastline, where we arrive in Lima to explore the capital and Peru’s largest city.


Belize is known for abundant biodiversity and a complex mashup of cultures and languages. A former British colony, English is the official language, unique along the Eastern coast of Central America.

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