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We view our projects as an avenue to ethically address Human Security issues in communities and a tools to create reciprocal relationships with our partners.
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How 7e Identifies Projects

With the guidance and input of our local partners, 7 Elements designs sustainable and multidimensional projects in the Dominican Republic, Belize, Peru and Haiti. Every project is designed to address one or more of the areas of Human Security which include Political, Environmental, Health, Food, Community, Individual and Economic. We understand that our projects and initiatives will not completely eradicate or solve these issues, but we stand behind the opportunity to educate youth about these global issues and collaborate with communities on projects and initiatives that they can replicate with local technologies and knowledge.

7 Elements focuses on lasting and equitable partnerships with communities that center on a bottom up approach. Our goal is to teach students on effective development practices and how to avoid the common pitfall of international development work. From the start of a project in our diagnostic phase, we collect direct feedback from our partner communities to understand  what they need most and what we can responsibly provide. From the conception of each project, the community and beneficiaries are involved and required to be a part of each step, whether it is with their time, professional skills or some other contribution to the project. Our student volunteers experience each phase of the project process, and 7 Elements closes the loop with monitoring and evaluation to continually improve our strategies and relationships from year to year.

Some of our major projects have included sustainable building initiatives in homes and community structures, clean and accessible water and local health initiatives. Take a look at some of our projects below!


Reforestation, Pollution mitigation, Support to local National Parks, Mapping and Monitoring


Water Filter Distribution, Sanitation, Medical Brigades, Medicines and Supplements distribution


Support the development of local companies and business, through projects and strategic planning

Food Security

Organic gardening, Permaculture, Fish farming


Learn Spanish with accredited local teachers and teach English to local kids and communities, providing a window to future economic success for local children


Plastic bottle buildings, bridges, water tanks, trails and road improvement

Health Center

Community center to support community events and an inclusive environment.

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Bottle House

House constructed of recycled materials – Dominican Republic

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Water Tank

The water tank is a project that has the ability to provide running water to over 250 community members in the Dominican Republic

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Bee Boxes

Construct bee boxes for a local bee farm.

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Cement Floors

Cement floors to address health insecurities

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Bottle Bathrooms

Bathrooms constructed to improve sanitation and health. 

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