Preserving Yanesha Culture in Peru

Fall 2020 Peru Program

August 1-10, 2020

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Collaborate with the Yanesha on Cultural Preservation Initiatives in Peru

Duration: 10 days
Location: Medina Bank, Belize
Program Cost: $1365
Service Hours: 20

Learn about the impacts of globalization on indigenous peoples, such as the Yanesha in our Peru Program this August! Work collaboratively as they teach about global impacts, environmental threats and the preserving their culture. 

7 Elements’ Service Learning programs in Peru are designed collaboratively with our Peruvian partners, the indigenous Yanesha living in Oxapampa. The Yanesha are facing the effects of rapid globalization and environmental devastation resulting from development and the exploitation of natural resources. Our community partner, Ruth, is working vigilantly to preserve her community’s heritage, tradition and holistic relationship with the land through community driven agricultural projects and infrastructure projects designed to increase community security. We are excited to share experiences in this beautiful South American country with you and allow you to see the uniqueness of its culture and history.

Meet Ruth Francisco Quinchuya

Ruth is vital to the success of our programs in Peru as she is passionate about sustainable agriculture and our relationships with the Yanesha community. Together, she and our Programming Operations Manager, Marie Macdonald, plan our student programs each year and design collaborative initiatives in Union de la Selva to help the Yanesha achieve community goals and create more stability in the midst of environmental and cultural threats.

Program Highlights

1. Coffee Farm Tour

Learn the complete process of planting, cultivating and harvesting coffee in Peru’s #1 coffee production town

2. Travel through the beautiful landscape of Peru

Throughout your 10 days, see some of the natural wonders of the landscape of Peru and amazon basin

3. Visit Lima, the capital city

Spend a day touring the historic city of Lima, trying Peruvian foods and visiting local vendors and markets

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