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Belize Program Blog 2019!

Follow our 7e adventures in Belize this year with our Program Director Ben O'Hanlon and our Partners and students that come to experience the Mayan culture learn about sustainable development! Open Enrollment, April 12-19, 2019!  April 12, 2019...

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Welcome Our New Staff!

Manager, Global Health Programs Dominican Republic Welcome Hilary to the 7e Team! 7e is so happy to have a new additions to our in-country team in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Hilary worked with us as Program Director in the summer of 2018. She was a...

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Starting up a Chapter… How easy is it really?

Starting up a Chapter… How easy is it really? Ask Liv! She Just opened up a Chapter at Tulane University We are very honored to announce, we officially started a Chapter at Tulane University! This would not have been possible without Olivia Evans (Liv). Liv spent a...

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Meet Our 2018 Program Directors

Meet Our 2018 Program Directors Inspired by the Peace Corps, now hired by 7 Elements!   Three of our new Program Directors in the Dominican Republic share a common experience as returned Peace Corps volunteers (the fourth hails from the UK and followed her own...

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