Eco-Health and Community Development within Mayan Culture

June 27 - July 5, 2020
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Exploring Eco Health and Traditions of Native Peoples in Belize

Duration: 9 days
Location: Medina Bank, Belize
Program Cost: $1220
Service Hours: 20-24

Understand how the intersections of eco health, community development and culture impact native groups in the small but diverse country of Belize.

Our programs in Belize are designed hand in hand with our local Mayan partners in Medina Bank named Cindy and Saul. Together with the two of them as liaisons, we venture into the unique and beautiful country of Belize; learning about historic landmarks, traditions and cultures of the Mayan people, and the aspects of the country that draw thousands of people to visit this year. Take an immersive journey with us as we expand our minds and view Human Security through a different lens in Belize.

Program Highlights

1.Afro-Caribbean Drumming and Dance

Learn about the cultural forms of dance and dancing from Afro-Caribbean natives with Creole descent that our preserving their cultural and heritage in a globalized world.

2. Mayan Ruins and Historic Artifacts

Walk around ancient Mayan ruins and explore archaeological sites


3. Community Development in Medina Bank

Work alongside Maya community members to develop sustainable projects in rural villages

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