Human Security

7 Elements designs interventions based on the United Nation’s 7 Elements of Human Security, a model that identifies social, physical & cultural threats around the world. Our diagnostic process, programs and community relationships circle back to this model and guide ethical initiatives. We utilize the Human Security model in our curriculum to give participants a holistic understanding of how development work is done effectively and intentionally internationally as well as how to identify pitfalls. The interconnections between the elements of security allow participants to understand the institutions that impact people all over the world.

Our Project Philosophy

7 Elements designs every program’s curriculum and our Organization’s projects around one or more of the 7 Elements of Human Security. We categorize our projects into six thematic areas shown below. We align your objectives and goals with the needs of our partner communities to create holistic experience for all parties involved.


Reforestation, Pollution mitigation, Support to local National Parks, Mapping and Monitoring


Water Filter Distribution, Sanitation, Medical Brigades, Medicines and Supplements distribution


Support the development of local companies and business, through projects and strategic planning

Food Security

Organic gardening, Permaculture, Fish farming


Learn Spanish with accredited local teachers and teach English to local kids and communities, providing a window to future economic success for local children


Plastic bottle buildings, bridges, water tanks, trails and road improvement

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