Meet the 7e Team!

The 7 Elements team is core group of individuals passionate about sustainable solutions to global issues and empowering students in this process. We come from different fields of study, parts of the world and backgrounds, but work together to deliver the most ethical and well rounded service learning programs and community engagement processes. Connect with us and follow the 7e team on our journey!

Dave Addison

Founder and Executive Director

Dave Addison holds a PhD in Global Sustainability from Argosy University, a BA from the State University of New York in International Relations and MBA in international business from Long Island University. Prior to creating 7Elements, Dave was a financial analyst on Wall Street. Having raised three children, he now lives in the Dominican Republic working on environmental sustainability and humanitarian projects with high school and university students. Dave loves sharing his knowledge with students and inspiring them to build a healthy, habitable planet for future generations.

Cameron Addison

Vice President of Operations

Cameron has a Bachelors Degree from the University of South Florida in Environmental Policy. His passion for humanitarian work and reforestation from his years as an Eagle Scout led him to the Dominican Republic, where he has been now for 7 years. Cameron led 7e student groups his first 5 years and now manages the Dominican Republic home base campus and projects. He enjoys running 5ks on the beach and teaching concepts of leadership.

Alexandria Sanchez

Vice President of Administration

Alex was hired as the Vice President of Administration for 7 Elements after working as an intern and Program Director in the Dominican Republic. She graduated from Indiana University in May 2017 with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Business from the Kelley School of Business. Through her undergraduate, professional and cross cultural experiences, Alex has developed a passion for education and development initiatives. She loves the opportunity to travel and build her professional and personal network through the educative and international experiences that this organization offers. She sees a huge potential drive the mission of 7e forward to new communities and locations and is excited to be part of this process.

Ben O’Hanlon

Director of Programming

Ben started with 7Elements at the beginning of 2016 and now runs service learning trips in The Dominican Republic and Belize. Growing up in rural Australia, he gained a Bachelors Degree in Education from Monash University. Ben is an avid traveler with employment experience in the formal and experiential education of youth and adults in South and Central America, Australia, Europe and Asia.
He is passionate about global education and youth empowerment as a tool for change.
Ben loves books, movies, music and enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, diving and exploring.

Crystal Bernal

Director of Groups & Staffing Manager

After returning as a Mentor for two seasons, Crystal is now officially on 7e’s team. She brings a dynamic and new outlook to youth engagement as the Chapter Manager & Hiring Director positions. As a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, she is able to see international development through a unique approach and aims to give students the opportunities to see their own community through a global set of lenses. Crystal has a long history of working in social services and environmental education organizations in California and throughout Latin America. She has devoted her life toward motivating and empowering youth to positive change, despite their social-economic level. She has a Bachelor Degree in Political Science and a minor in International relations from Cal State Fullerton. Crystal is in love with nature, lives for adventure, and always bets on the underdog.

Dania Elena Almonte Gómez

Local Business Manager, Dominican Republic

Dania Almonte, our local Business Manager, was born in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. She has a degree in marketing with 10 years of experience working as a Personal Banking Officer for an internationally recognized financial institution. In 2016, she decided to change her professional path, taking a new position with 7Elements, in order to achieve her dreams of living a healthy life and follow her passion for adventure. Dania has an inner strength capable of moving mountains and always comes up with a solution for every challenge. She also has an immense love for her daughter, who is her trusty companion in life’s many adventures. Her great spirit of responsibility and integrity has earned her a spot on our team, and she’s excited to continue learning about sustainable living practices.

Walner Palvetus

Program Director and Manager of Local Directors

Walner Palvetus was born in the Dominican Rep in 1985. His parents are from Haiti and he has experienced challenges of racism and isolation in his own country because of his Haitian roots. He finished high school in the Dominican Republic and went on to complete his degree in Languages in the Universidad Nacional Evangélica Santiago. Walner was awarded the Premio Nacional de la Juventud, which is a very important award in the Dominican Republic, for his community service. Walner worked on a cruise ship for a couple of years, traveling and learning about different cultures and people. He loves to guide people and teach people. Walner was first hired on to 7 Elements as a part-time translator (he speaks 5 languages), then became a full time employee leading service learning groups and managing local staff. He is passionate about youth, history, and learning new things. 

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