7e Projects

Community & Partner Led. 7 Elements of Human Security Focused. 

Project Approach

The 7 Elements of Human Security are defined by the United Nations as: Economic, Environmental, Food, Health, Political, Personal and Community. We design projects and initiatives with our partners that holistically address these areas of Human Security.

Our goal is to immerse students in hands on educational opportunities and empower our partner communities to continue interventions that improve daily life in the Dominican Republic, Belize and Peru. 


We address the following Human Security Issues with our Projects:

  • Bee Boxes | Economic, Environment
  • Bottle Houses | Environment, Personal, Health, Economic
  • Bottle Bathrooms | Environment, Health
  • Cement Floors | Health
  • Clean-burning Stoves | Health
  • Community Greenhouses | Environment, Food, Health, Economic
  • Community Sports Facilities | Community, Health
  • Community Water Tank | Health
  • Reforestation of Native Habitat | Environment


Health Center

Community center to support community events and an inclusive environment.

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Bottle House

House constructed of recycled materials – Dominican Republic

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Water Tank

The water tank is a project that has the ability to provide running water to over 250 community members in the Dominican Republic

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Bee Boxes

Construct bee boxes for a local bee farm.

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Cement Floors

Cement floors to address health insecurities

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Bottle Bathrooms

Bathrooms constructed to improve sanitation and health. 

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Medical Brigades

Participate in locally run medical clinic with partner community

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Community Gardens

Participate in local agriculture projects with communities

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Clean Burning Stoves

Construct stoves to cut down on amounts of firewood burnt

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Community Sports Facilities

Address health security and promote active lifestyles for youth

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Reforestation of Native Habitat

Plants trees, fruits and vegetables to address economic and environmental security. 

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Community Greenhouses

Work with communities to encourage local agriculture of produce and plants.

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