7 Elements Hires New Manager of University Partnerships

Lisa Christy to spearhead Foundation’s efforts to change the trajectory of international service learning

7 Elements has named Lisa Christy as its new Manager of University Partnerships as we ramp up efforts to expand our international service learning programs to new university and college student groups.

Lisa will lead 7 Elements’ outreach programs, including representing 7 Elements at events throughout the US, and liaising with university and college representatives to grow awareness of our programs, with a special focus on presenting opportunities for collaboration on program design that support faculty-led curriculum and course learning objectives.

Lisa previously served at Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) as the Director for Medical Service-Learning. In that role, she connected with medical students, faculty and affiliates to create programs that promote a lifelong commitment to community, advocacy and people-centered care. She is now looking to replicate that process with 7 Elements, expanding the scope beyond healthcare to the many types of programs that 7 Elements offers.

“We’re really excited to have Lisa join the 7 Elements team. Our mission is to solve global issues with engaged global citizens. We do this by providing a transformational experience that empowers students to organize, lead, promote their ideas and champion sustainable strategies for solutions at every level, at home and abroad. Lisa’s insight and abilities will help us grow engagement and impact as we connect with more university faculty and staff to plan their student groups’ travel,” says 7 Elements Executive Director, David Addison, PhD.

Lisa’s duties will include outreach to university and college faculty and staff in charge of planning and organizing immersive international service learning programs, such as Alternative Break Programs, “May-mester” and semester break programs; planning and attending on-site meetings and conferences on campuses throughout the US; networking with industry advocacy groups to represent 7 Elements; and supporting staff and students on crafting the program and projects that meet their needs.

“7 Elements has already accomplished so much with its commitment to ethical volunteering and service learning programs. It’s incredibly exciting to work for an organization that is leading the way in making these experiences available to students at a critical point in their education. In the medical field alone, there are clearly identified needs for the development of social science aspects in education programs, which drives my passion for promoting learning experiences focused on collective competence, cultural humility and reciprocity. Personally, I have worked to change the trajectory of service from “giving and doing” to “engaging and advocating,” and I’m very eager to connect with others who are looking for just such an opportunity for their organization,” Lisa says.

Before joining 7 Elements, Lisa worked for the Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) where she served as the Director for Medical Service-Learning and was a key player in developing the Service Learning definition, and the Culturally Appropriate and Socially Responsible Care curricular thread. Lisa’s professional background also includes work in K-12 Human Resources and Student Affairs.

Lisa will work from her home base in Indianapolis, IN, where she lives with her husband, Ryan, and their two children, Jamie and Ryan Michael. Lisa aspires to be a lifelong learner and feels a personal responsibility to always be gaining in knowledge and wisdom and to lead by example. She lives by the motto, “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Welcome to the 7 Elements team, Lisa!

To connect with Lisa, reach out by email: lisa.christy@7elements.global or phone: +1-317-313-4656

For all other inquiries, please contact:

Crystal Bernal, Director of Staffing & Chapters

E: crystal.bernal@7elements.global