Hilary Smail

Manager, Global Health Programs Dominican Republic

Welcome Hilary to the 7e Team! 

7e is so happy to have a new additions to our in-country team in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Hilary worked with us as Program Director in the summer of 2018. She was a Program Director in the Dominican Republic for a track of our Global Health Programs. She displays fantastic leadership skills and initiative that we knew we could utilize on the 7e team. 

Hilary will be staying on the Global Health side in the Dominican Republic, continuing to direct programs this Spring and Summer but also managing our Global Health programs from an Operative level.

We are so excited to have her see what wonderful skills she adds to our Service Learning Programs in the Caribbean! 


Path to 7 Elements


What did you study in college or your most recent education? How does that align/or not with what you are doing now?

My fascination in culture from childhood also heavily influenced by intellectual interests, and so I went to study anthropology, the study of Man. I always envisioned myself becoming a Dr. and traveling all over the world studying difference cultures – I suppose it very much ties in with what I am currently doing with 7 elements, managing their health programs! One day I think I may go back to study anthropology further, I would like to carry out my own research and complete my PHD. My most recent pockets of study have been with foreign universities where I have joined online semesters. I love to learn new things and believe learning should never stop, my recent endeavors have been on ‘Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals’ with Trinity University, Dublin, and ‘Farm to Folk, food production in a changing climate’ with Universita Delgi Studi Di Torini. I recently completed my yoga teacher training in India in late 2018, another passion of mine. I believe health is a holistic process so connection and compassion with ourselves allows us to be conscious and caring of others.

What most connects you the 7e model (student aspect, community engagement, sustainable development, the locations.. whatever first comes to your mind when you read this question)

Sustainable development. I would like to rest knowing that my impact on this earth was making it better, healthier and happier for the lives of those coming after me.

What are you most looking forward to in your current position with 7e?

Being more involved with the local communities and learning more about the local health care system. I am really excited at the opportunity to oversee two simultaneous programs and work with more likeminded people. And of course the students! Having the opportunity to contribute to the personal and professional expansion of tomorrow’s young minds is amazing. The students are what gives me my energy every day.