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7 Elements is a foundation in the Dominican Republic that has been working with local communities designing and implementing projects to alleviate human insecurities for 9 years in 4 countries with the help of partners and 7e Chapters. Our team of professionals have developed unique methods to responsibly find and enter local communities to provide ethical and sustainable development projects, helping to alleviate their threats to human security. As a Dual Development organisation, 7 Elements is dedicated not only to improving the livelihood of the locals but also the professional development of our student volunteers. Our unique educational human security content provide young leaders with a fresh lens in which to view the world.

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To introduce people from the developed world to human security issues in the developing world while accessing their talent, skills and resources in applying appropriate, locally-supportable technologies to reduce risks and vulnerabilities in insecure communities.


To engage tomorrow’s leaders in developing sustainable solutions to human insecurities in the developing world.

7 Elements has created a diagnostic tool to determine the level of risks to human security in each of the communities we partner with. The diagnostic model covers a range of human security elements, as defined by the United Nations: Economic security, Environmental Security, Political Security, Food Security, Health Security, Community Security and Individual/Personal Security. This holistic model guides future interventions and projects that will help the 7 Elements students learn about development while providing sustainable projects that increases the well being within the community.

The diagnostic model is also used to help 7 Elements participants better understand the linkages between human security and the need for multi-dimensional approaches to development.

It will also give them the opportunity to learn the importance of a bottom-up approach to development, and proper surveying techniques.

About 7Elements

7e Service-Learning trips in the Dominican Rep., Peru, Haiti and Belize teach sustainability and human security while students work side-by-side with locals on multi-dimensional humanitarian and international development projects. Your work will change lives by energizing marginalized Latin American communities to build improved life conditions.

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