Is a 7e Chapter right for me?
If you have an interest in furthering your education in sustainability, development, global health or any of the other areas of human security, creating or participating in a chapter is right for you.  Additionally, if you have an interest in humanitarian interventions or social/environmental justice interventions, creating or participating in a chapter is right for you.

Am I eligible?
Anyone that has an interest in humanitarian issues, promoting social/environmental justice education, or simply developing their own leadership skills is eligible and should create or participate in a 7e chapter. Where do the student chapters come from? The chapters are created by like minded individuals, primarily from various universities across the globe.  Whether the mission of the chapter is a holistic approach to education and development or a specific focus is required, everyone can and should participate in a chapter.

Do I need to know another language?
Speaking another language is not required, although a basic command of Spanish will make your international trip more robust and rewarding.  The staff are all bi-lingual and prepared to guide you through your development and educational experiences.

Will I get credit?
Many 7e chapter trips are credit bearing.  We can help guide you through this process.

Will participating in a 7e chapter help me further my education and career?
7e chapter trips are designed to give the participants a thorough knowledge of a holistic approach to development.  You will learn how to manage development projects, engage with communities and monitor and evaluate results on a long term basis.  The projects are designed for educational and career enhancement.

About 7Elements

7e Service-Learning trips in the Dominican Rep., Peru, Haiti and Belize teach sustainability and human security while students work side-by-side with locals on multi-dimensional humanitarian and international development projects. Your work will change lives by energizing marginalized Latin American communities to build improved life conditions.

Open Enrollment Dates 2018

Hello all University students! 

7e has Open Enrollment dates for this summer.. check out our 2018 Trips Info Brochure for more info. See you this summer! 

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