The 7 Elements program in Peru is based in the lush Amazon Basin, separated by the Andes Mountains from the coastline, where we arrive in Lima to explore the capital and Peru’s largest city, Then we travel over the mountains and inland to meet our partner community in the Biosphere Reserve Oxapampa-AshaninkaYanesha, the homeland of the indigenous Yanesha people. The ecologically rich tropical rainforests of the Amazon encompass some of the world’s most remote and least explored areas, and is also home to millions of indigenous highland people, including the Yanesha. The Yanesha people are intent on preserving their culture, language and protecting the land reserved to them, which is often under threat from oil companies, logging, mining, cattle farming, and other illegal activity. Historically, the Yanesha people relied on a natural economic system, depending upon a balanced environment for subsistence agriculture, hunting, and fishing. Without connections to, and independent CH O O SE Y O UR C O UNTRY! of, the negative influences of global economic and environmental systems, they thrived. But the impact of colonial culture over 150 years ago produced dramatic changes, including development and reliance on cash crops, such as coffee, and a new set of challenges along with them. With a changing environment, their cash crop is extremely vulnerable. The Yanesha community has partnered exclusively with 7 Elements to support the development a large managed coffee reforestation nursery, as well as an information center that will allow them to connect to agricultural universities to discover new coffee plant varieties that are resistant to negative environmental inputs. Through these projects with the Yanesha people, our educational focus is on the impacts of globalization, and global integration, on indigenous culture, and environmental sustainability. Our groups will also explore the abundant rainforest and rivers in the area surrounding the Yanesha community

In Peru, find a unique mixture of cultures, values, socio-economic identities and environmental conservation strategies.

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