Find thousands of wild animals and plants, hundreds of endemic and endangered species, indigenous tribes and pristine rivers. The Peruvian cloud forest is the perfect location of our activities in Peru.
Biosphere Reserve “Oxapampa-Ashaninka-Yanesha”, is the homeland of the indigenous Yanesha people; there are about 10,000 people living in 32 communities spread around the National Park Yanachaga-Chemillin and “Yanesha Comunal Reserve.”

The Yanesha people struggle to save their culture and resist land invasion by oil companies, illegal loggers, miners, farmers and cattle farmers. The same region is shared by Andean farmers and descendants of the Austrian colonists who arrived in the Pozuzo valley in 1869 and founded the present-day cities of the area. Come to Peru with 7e to discover cultural and environmental diversity and to help us support the Yanesha communities in the preservation of their culture and sacred ecosystem.

In Peru, find a unique mixture of cultures, values, socio-economic identities and environmental conservation strategies.

About 7Elements

7e Service-Learning trips in the Dominican Rep., Peru, Haiti and Belize teach sustainability and human security while students work side-by-side with locals on multi-dimensional humanitarian and international development projects. Your work will change lives by energizing marginalized Latin American communities to build improved life conditions.

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