Our work in Haiti really began in the Dominican Republic. Adjacent to Dominican communities, we find communities of Haitian migrant workers living in abandoned plantation housing with virtually no essential infrastructure. Our work with Dominican community leaders has often been extended to benefit their Haitian neighbors, and so it’s been a natural progression for 7 Elements to establish relationships with Haitian communities in Haiti. Haitian slaves mounted the world’s only successful slave rebellion, but, to this day, it’s most often referred to as the most economically impoverished country in the Western hemisphere. For a variety of reasons, state-sponsored health and education services remain inadequate or inaccessible to most. The result is a host of health-related concerns: unsafe housing, lack of educational infrastructure, food shortages, proliferation of waterborne diseases and more. Students on our programs will see the impact of environmental degradation across all of the seven elements of human security. CH O O SE Y O UR C O UNTRY! Our partner community leaders have identified lack of access to healthcare and education as primary obstacles to addressing these issues. Based just outside of Cap-Haïtien, a large tourist port on the North Coast of Haiti, our projects are in Blue Hill, Limonade, and Louis. Because of a lack of access to medical care, we will focus on supporting the local infrastructure by purchasing medicines and providing logistics support to local doctors participating in medical brigades. We are building a vocational/trade school that will offer training to develop skills that would lead to employment opportunities. We also work with a local manufacturer of lifesaving protein packets to distribute them to malnourished and hungry children. Above these communities on the coastal plains, the mountaintop Citadelle Laferrière is a visible landmark, remaining from the rebellion. We’ll take time to hike through villages and the SansSouci Palace ruins to arrive at this UNESCO World Heritage site. We’ll also take time to enjoy Haiti’s old soul, its vibrant art, music and culture, along with a stunning landscape of beaches and mountains easily rivaling the natural beauty found anywhere else in the Caribbean.

Limonade is primarily a fishing village with a population of more than 50,000. With an unemployment rate of nearly 80%, most of the inhabitants live in extreme poverty.

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