The people of Haiti face economic and cultural instability resulting from a system of corruption. Poor sanitation and lack of clean water contribute to high rates of malnutrition and disease.

7 Elements works with the people of Limonade to find solutions to food and health insecurities. This fishing village battles low  fish populations due to flooding and continual rises in sea level.

Limonade is primarily a fishing village with a population of more than 50,000. With an unemployment rate of nearly 80%, most of the inhabitants live in extreme poverty. 

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7e Service-Learning trips in the Dominican Rep., Peru, Haiti and Belize teach sustainability and human security while students work side-by-side with locals on multi-dimensional humanitarian and international development projects. Your work will change lives by energizing marginalized Latin American communities to build improved life conditions.

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Hello all University students! 

7e has Open Enrollment dates for this summer.. check out our 2018 Trips Info Brochure for more info. See you this summer! 

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