7 Elements was founded in The Dominican Republic, an extension of field research Dr. Addison conducted for his doctoral dissertation. Our roots are deep here, with years of community development work outside of Puerto Plata, on the North Coast, among both Dominican and immigrant Haitian communities. The Dominican economy is the largest in the Caribbean region, fueled in large part by tourism, yet marked income inequality persists, essential infrastructure remains incomplete and unreliable, and government health and education services are inadequate - exacerbating both health and economic outcomes for many living on the fringes. Our programs in the DR focus on improving health outcomes by creating a healthy physical and social environment. CH O O SE Y O UR C O UNTRY! By empowering community members to direct all initiatives, and employing local skilled tradespeople to work with our groups, we seek to enable individuals, families, and communities to take greater control over their health, education and environment, primarily through infrastructure building - including homes and multi-purpose community centers, and providing basic health screening and services, and more. Through interactions with local leaders, entrepreneurs, children and families, our group participants will come to appreciate the charms of Dominican culture, including the national dance and music, Merengue and Bachata, and will have ample opportunities to explore historical landmarks and beautiful Caribbean beaches.

7 Elements works in Las Canas, a small fishing village on the north of coast of the Dominican Republic. This community relies on fishing and animal husbandry to provide income for their families.

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