Belize is a small country and the only English speaking country on the Eastern coast of Central America. Over 25% of marine and terrestrial areas are protected with remarkable levels of biodiversity. These include the world’s most important and densely populated jaguar reserves and the second largest barrier reef in the world. We focus our efforts on the Garifuna and Mayan communities. The Garifuna settled in Belize after the early 1800s and maintain their own language and cultural practices such as music, dance, food and fishing practices.

After living in the area for over three millennia, the traditional landowners of Belize, the Mayan, were forced to leave their lands. They have since returned and live in small communities of traditional housing around the country. They have retained their own language and cultural practices including: food, housing, farming, clothing and fishing. The country’s vast cultural, marine and terrestrial diversity faces threats of overfishing, coral bleaching, rising sea levels and deforestation. Many people living in isolated areas creates poor access to healthcare and education.

Medina Bank is located on the coast about 3 hours southeast of the nation’s capital, Belmopan. Medina Bank has a population of about 1,000 and is a settlement of Mayan people. In addition to working on projects in Medina Bank we travel to nearby nature reserves and Mayan villages.

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7e Service-Learning trips in the Dominican Rep., Peru, Haiti and Belize teach sustainability and human security while students work side-by-side with locals on multi-dimensional humanitarian and international development projects. Your work will change lives by energizing marginalized Latin American communities to build improved life conditions.

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